Thankful for Preventative Maintenance, a Surprise from Steve, & Eating as a Family

Day 2,321


Sometimes the right answer is to pause, breathe, and grab a book for a few moments of relaxation time. Rest up and recharge or risk falling apart somewhere along the road. Just like with cars, preventative maintenance is always preferred.


While Becky and I were gone for the past week a couple of our friends stayed over at our house to help out with the boys. Honestly, they boys would’ve likely been fine on their own, but we all felt better knowing someone was there with them.

Imagine our surprise last night when we came home exhausted after 15 hours of travel and saw a note and two chocolates on our bed. The note was from our friend Steve who wrote that he’d washed the bedding to welcome us home. How awesome is that??? As an added touch there were even a couple of chocolates on the bed for us too!


Eating dinner as a family feels even better when it’s been a while. So appreciative for the opportunity to spend time with Becky & the boys around the dining room table this evening!


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