Thankful for Daily Thought, My Flying Thought Lab, & a Concert Moment

Here’s the post I typed last night on my flight. Finally getting it posted 😁

Day 2,320


Through my blogging and writing practice I’ve created an opportunity to pause and think quietly each day. With all the chaos, craziness, busyness, and whatnot in my daily life I’ve got a buffer of 15 to 60 minutes of thoughtful reflection already built in.

The benefits of this time in thought cannot be overstated. My level of joy and peace have been increased to a new level as a result of taking time for some mental self care each day. Sometimes it takes days like this of working on thought related projects to help me step back and see just how much this has helped.


For some crazy reason I’m really grooving on using a flight as a mobile thought laboratory. The vast majority of my flight time has been focused on creating content for upcoming presentations while the rest was used for reading a fiction with a wonderfully thought provoking plot. For some unknown reason it feels really gratifying to work on projects like this while flying. Maybe it’s the lack of distraction? Regardless, I’m thankful for this odd new-ish habit I’ve been working on forming.


Sitting on our plane I had a peaceful moment of calm. As I was looking up my next song choice for the soundtrack to writing I stumbled upon a video by The Strumbellas. I paused and immediately saw a connection to the topic I was working on and the song itself. Without even thinking about it much I just kept going with music from one of my favorite bands.

Next thing I knew I had my eyes closed and I was jamming out to their song Wild Sun and thinking back to their concert in 2019. During that song the crowd erupted with energy and was stomping and clapping in unison along with the song. It was such a surreal moment of awesomeness that still makes me smile when I think about it. Spending a couple of minutes on our flight going back in time a few years was truly excellent.


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