Thankful for Running & Yoga, Driving in the Daylight, & Re-Opening the Bandaids

Day 2,287


When in doubt go for a run, or do yoga, or both. Seriously, how many of life’s challenges can be better dealt with after a run or yoga? Even if it is not what o want to do in the moment remember that I am a runner, I am a yoga practitioner, and I can create joy through those two activities.


This might sound trivial, but I’m grateful for driving during the daylight hours. With travel for the holidays there’s a HUGE difference between driving in the dark versus in the sun. We were able to leave early in the afternoon and it made a tremendously positive impact in my mood today. Sunshine, very much underrated!


As I work on marketing my book I’ve been spending time reviewing it to pull out stories to share on social media. I’m going through so many of those most difficult moments I’m still able to extract so many lessons from the memories. My presence in those moments, as painful as they were, allowed me an incredible opportunity to learn through those moments for years afterwards.


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