Thankful for Reminders of a Lesson I Need to Remember, Teamwork at Home, & Flow States from Writing

Day 2,286


Funny how the world really helps to grind in the right message sometimes, isn’t it? It’s as if the universe knows we really need to learn something specific so it finds ways to repeat the message in many different formats until we really get it.

The message I’ve needed to hear again and again recently? It’s all about putting in the reps, consistent practice, and a systematic approach to getting it done.


I’m very thankful for the way Becky and I tag in to help each other out when we’re swamped. Whether it is work or life causing bonus stress or putting additional demands on our time we seem to always find ways to help each other out. The past few weeks have been a great reminder for me of much easier life is for both of us thanks to that shared load. It made all the difference and helped me keep my sanity today!


As I re-read my book to pull out stories and nuggets to share over the next months I was quickly lost in a state of flow. My mind went into overdrive as I extracted what will become my media content fit the next quarter.

What really caught my attention was just how many flow moments this book had created for me since I started outlining it on a flight to Seattle five and a half years ago! Diving this deep into the memories and mindset has been wildly more therapeutic than I ever imagined.


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