Thankful for Perspective, Family Holiday Outings, & A5 Waygu Beef

Day 2,288


In reviewing my book one of the topics that has come up multiple times was remembering I’ll never understand where everyone else is coming from. The version of them I am seeing is a single perspective from my own view point, only a tiny percentage of all that encompasses them.


This morning we spent a few hours as a family at the tubing hill near Mom’s. We enjoyed some quality time together outside, laughing – and occasionally screaming – together as a family while flying down the hill at crazy speeds. What an awesome holiday gift, creating memories together – and outside!


My taste buds totally had the win for a moment of presence today. My brother ordered up an A5 Waygu filet for us to sample for our family get together. By far and away the best steak I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! So good!!! 🤤


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