Thankful for My 2022 Booklist Review, January 1st, & My Bed

Day 2,289


I’m wrapping up my 2022 reading list and have been very interested in the research project. Breaking down the total number of number of books read (112), the number of unique titles read (104), and the number of different genres read (business just edged out fiction and personal development).

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve learned from reviewing the data…. I read more books this year than in any single year of my life and all that diverse reading has resulted in many new ideas, living a more clear purpose, and more joy.


The day is one like any of the other 364, yet it holds the potential and promise of a future unlike any of its brethren. A clean slate, a new calendar, unlimited opportunities. So much more magic than other days…

…yet truly no different than the rest. Each day is the first of the present and of the future. Each day of the other 364 holding all the same glittering opportunities of todays date.

Why do I treat them differently? How do I realize that each day is the beginning of the future, all starting in the present?

I’m grateful for realizing the folly of my thoughts and the opportunity to learn and grow as a result.


My bed…. Ahh… nothing quite like the sensation of laying down in my own bed while blogging and getting ready to go to bed.


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