Thankful for Consistency & Simplicity, My Family, & a Moment Alone

Day 2,290


So easy to start with big plans, to dream huge, and then suffer and crumble under the weight of too many big ideas. Frustrating to see a huge opportunity but have to break it into small components to build upon each other over an extended amount of time with slack built it.

Fun to try new things for a bit to see what works best. Difficult and pedestrian to do the same simple processes over and over again to get long term inertia going.

My ambitions are big, but my actions must be small and consistent. Slow and steady wins the race, consistency and grit will be the victors every time. Here’s to remembering this in the moments in which my eyes are bigger than my appetite!


Today I had the opportunity to put a handful of hours into my writing practice and it is 100% because of the support of my family. The reason I am able to create space to do this is because of how hard they all pitch in to cover soon have the opportunity to chase this dream. I am thankful for all each of them did to allow me to stay focused.

I can’t imagine not having a family team like this to help support each other in all of our endeavors.


There was a small and very unexpected moment today in which I was one hundred percent focused on the present. I hopped in the car to drive to yoga while Becky grabbed the last of her things to join me. I’m that moment I sat in the car with no radio on, no phone on me, and all alone. It was incredibly serene and peaceful and I enjoyed every second of it. Having a moment left with nothing but my thoughts was a wonderful bonus gift to get me in the mood for yoga.

With all the noise in life – most of it welcomed and positive – the moments of quiet can be profoundly soothing.


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