Thankful for Snowshoeing, Christmas Movies, & the World Cup Final

Day 2,274


Becky had an awesome idea for today – snowshoeing. While the boys snowboarded the two of us hit Twin Bluffs State Park. There was only one other person on the trail as we explored a spectacularly scenic winter wonderland. The views were so amazing. The snow brought out even more beauty than we’ve previously seen there before.

The serenity of snowshoeing almost alone in the still winter air is beyond words. A fulfilling workout, time outside, shared moments with each other, and a peaceful state of mind. I need to remember to snowshoe more often!


Even through the busyness our family has had over the past month and change we’ve found time to watch two of our favorite Christmas movies together over the past few nights. As the boys get older they catch more and more if the jokes and we all enjoy the movies just a bit more. Having time together to share in some of these traditions is priceless and I’m grateful for each moment.


So, truth be told, I’m not a big sports fan. Every year for the past ten or so had seen a decline in my interest. Nothing against professional & college sports or their fans, I just have other passions which seem to grow each year.

That said, the presence of following today’s World Cup Final from the last 15 minutes of regulation and the conclusion seemed to transcend sports! Nonstop excitement ensued as I found myself quickly drawn in at an almost guttural level. The momentum shifts, the back stories, and the energy of the teams brought to present moment into such sharp clarity. There’s certainly a magic to the ability of sports to harness the present moment, today I basked in it.


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