Thankful for Attempting to Draw Out Greatness, Monday Yoga, and Cold Runs

Day 2,275


There are so many times when we can see the greatness lying in wait inside another person – even when they don’t quite see it themselves. The greatness is so elusive and shy, it can’t be forced out. Rather, it takes work and coaxing, and even then it has to come out of its own accord. There’s nothing the observer can to do draw it out other than slowly help it see the possibility.

The growth I’m thankful for today is the reminder to not force the issue, telling someone how great they are isn’t the answer. Slow down and help them walk to the conclusion on their own. Provide the opportunities for them to shine, but be wary of pushing too hard.


Yoga with Becky on a Monday night is just about the perfect way to start a week. With all the different directions we go as a family knowing that we have that time to pause, breathe, re-center, and get a some sweat in to start the week really helps me stay centered throughout the week.

While there were many reasons to thankful today that one is amongst on of the foundational bricks which support the opportunity for those other moments of appreciation. I can’t overstate the importance of taking time to re-charge, focus, breathe, and re-center in my life. Without the calming activities like yoga I am over stressed. Without physical activity I feel flat and not as productive as I should be. Without time outdoors I don’t pause to appreciate the natural world around me. Without some time alone in thought (like when I’m blogging) I don’t have time to focus on dissecting my thoughts and actions. Put all of these together, my yoga practice with Becky, my run outside this morning, and my time blogging right now and I feel so much more full, focused, and on the right track to start the week.


My morning run was a bit on the chilly side, but that made it all the more peaceful. There’s nothing quite like running when it’s zero or a little below. The air is so calm and still, it feels more full in some ways. With the new fallen snow there’s also an absence of sound which makes it feel all the more quiet and lonely (in a good way). Runs like this take a little bit to get used to, but once I am ready for them they are amongst the most serene and satisfying runs I ever have. So thankful for the opportunity to enjoy one of those cold runs this morning!


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