Thankful for Focus vs Drifting, a Finals Test Run, & Adrenaline Filled Wrestling

Day 2,273


The more one thinks about something the more it seems to appear. If my thought is unfocused my mind will drift. If I keep my thoughts intentionally focused my mind will lead me to where I need to go. Stay focused, stay intent, and be ready for opportunity


Dominic had a test run of his future college experience this morning. He somehow lucked out and landed the infamous 7:45am on Saturday slot for his Calculus 2 final at UWL. He was home before 9am and felt great about how it went.

I’m thankful he had the opportunity to experience a final before college to get a feel for what he has in store for him. From the nervous night of sleep before to studying with a friend a couple nights before he git quite the experience!


The adrenaline starts pumping through the veins minutes before the wrestling match starts. Everything tenses up and time seems to slow down. The anticipation is palpable…

and then I watch as a Gavin’s match starts. Yup, I was talking about my mental status at his wrestling meet today. High intensity as an observer, 100% focused in the present during that blast of time.


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