Thankful for Purpose (again), Excellent Teammates, & Shoveling in Shorts

Day 2,272


So many reminders of a simple lesson today. There isn’t home life and work life, there is only life. Part of our role as a leader at work is to help our teammates grow in life, not just work life. I cannot imagine a more purposeful life than through brightening the lives of teammates.


There’s so much you can weather, but there’s even more you can accomplish when you’ve got incredible teammates all around you. We helped each other. Told each other jokes. Pushed each other and disagreed and created better at solutions together as a result. We worked together, shared together, supported each other, and grew together. What a rewarding way to end the week!


Maybe a new habit has been started? This morning I woke up, did my breathing exercises, knocked out more push-ups with empty lungs than I think I’ve ever done while breathing, and the went outside to shovel snow… in s T-shirt and shorts. The wind brought the feel of about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, a little brisk but totally invigorating! Working slowly while continuing to breathe through my nose helped to keep my core body temperature up and I was pretty comfortable. The time in the quiet cold of the outdoors was sooooooo peaceful!


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