Thankful for Observing More Closely, a Full Heart, & the Sound of Snow

Day 2,265


Over the past couple of days I’m starting to see some differences between good days and best days. What’s particularly interesting thus far is that it seems to have more to do with my focus than what happens during the day. When I have a solid plan and am able to work into a state of flow I feel a greater sense of purpose than when I’m seeing the results of the work. Weird, right? Kinda makes some crazy sense at the same time. Definitely something to five more deeply into in the future.


Our Winona team has really rallied around our annual Christmas Wish Express. It’s an opportunity for community members to nominate other community members to receive a $1,000 check to add some extra magic to their holidays. The winning family came into our office this morning and created a moment we will never forget. My heart is beyond full!


During the very tail end of our run today the snow started to fall. We were at just the right spot in which the hill and trees blocked out the sounds of the city. As we ran I could hear the snow falling to the ground. What a peaceful and serene sound it was! Like rain on a tent there was something soothing in the sound.


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