Thankful for Prep, Hearing the Message, & Breath

Day 2,266


When I start working on a project I almost need to pause, breathe, and take care of all the detailed stuff necessary BEFORE I get into the fun stuff. if I give in without prep my train of thought gets totally derailed and I get ornery.

Case in point from tonight. Get all my accounts loaded up, the detail sheets open, and get all the necessary materials in front of me. THEN dive into the brain work. Diving in without the prep means a frustrated Kreiling.


When there’s a specific message The Big Dude Upstairs wants us to hear we need only listen. Through the past week there’ve been no less than a handful of nudges the Universe has used to help me get my brain straight. Some were almost comical in nature while others, like this morning, were profoundly poignant.

Message heard loud and clear. Time to elevate and improve significantly and steadily. The pathway is there, I only need to walk it.


The centering power of breath is an awesomely powerful tool that is always there waiting to be tapped into. My morning started with my breathing practice and then rolled into early morning yoga. Through the day there were moments when I paused and enjoyed the sensation of air coming in through my nose and up my sinuses. As I focused on those breaths I was drawn in to the moment. What a gift that we all gave the opportunity to use our breath to center ourselves!


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