Thankful for Choice, Old Performance Reviews, & the Sun AND Moon

Day 2,264


So much of living a joyful life is under our control. What is our daily plan? How do we stay disciplined to it? When do we fight through temporary discomfort to grow? Do we choose to accept the advice of others who are more experienced/wise/smarter than we are in a subject? Will we choose to see an obstacle or an opportunity to improve? All up to us to choose our perception.


This afternoon I had to dig back through some old files and came across some true gold. One of the sheets I found was an old review of my sales performance. The notes were written by an outside observer who rode along with me on sales calls. It was largely focused on some of the many ways in which I needed to improve.

What’s also interesting was how I grew through that advice and now offer it up to my teammates. I immediately shared it with all of my teammates to help them see how growth can happen when we focus on it. Based on those results you’d never guess I would grow into being a fairly successful franchisee.

It was a trip down memory lane!


I often enjoy snapping a photo of a beautiful moment in nature. There are some things that are beyond capturing on film. Today was one of the days when the camera stayed out away and I burned the image into my brain.

On my drive to Winona I watched the moon slowly dropping into the Mississippi River Valley. It was big and full and it’s descent at this time of the year placed it almost in the middle of the valley. That in of itself was beautiful.

Then, over my shoulder, the dark reddish-orange sun burst out of the Mississippi River Valley behind me. It was so grand watching the giant copper disc shrink and pale as it rose from the bluffs.

The setting full moon in the valley in front of me, the rising sun in the valley behind me. Epic!


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