Thankful for Reading 100+ Books in 2022, Even Better than a Pager, & a Chimichurri Breakfast

Day 2,263


Over the past year I set out to read 100 books. I’m currently at 102 completed with another couple in progress and another half dozen queued up. They are a mix of fiction, business, self improvement, philosophy, forestry, and whatnot. As I started putting my plans together for 2023 there were so many times I caught myself referencing books I’d read over the past year. In some cases I stopped what I was doing, pulled out the book, searched up the note, and then got back to it.

My life was better today due to the sheer volume of information I took in over the past year. Throughout reading those books I was opened up to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world, and different tactics. As I considered the right path for me it was so much more clear as I was able to look down so many different paths for at least brief moments to get a lay of the land. So many ideas, so much work and focus to read that much, but worth each moment of it.


The job I had before Express had such a sweet benefit I could hardly believe it was real. I got an honest to god pager. It wasn’t just a pager, but every ten minutes or so it would update the scores of baseball and football games and flash the scores across the screen. Yessir, the late ’90’s were a time of electronic magic 😉

Fast forward to yesterday. In preparation for my planning session today I wanted to refresh my memory on a handful of processes I’d learned about through a podcast. I lifted up my phone, went to my podcast app, found the episodes, and hit download. Over the next few hours of drive time I went back through them and got what I was looking for.

What I’m grateful for today is the availability of data and information. Having access to so many resources is truly mind bending when I stop to think about it. My life is so much easier and more successful specifically due to the available information I can use to shape my strategies and actions.


After knocking out my bike ride I felt like a breakfast beyond the usual. I fired up the griddle, grabbed the left over chimichurri beef, green onion and chive cheese, and some eggs. Rather than the norm I savored a plate of hot deliciousness. Talk about a moment to be present in! The flavors were exquisite and appreciated each and every bite!


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