Thankful for Heeding Strengths, Surrounded by Blessings, & the Moonset

Day 2,262


When someone had a specific strength be sure to listen to them and heed their advice. The number of times this has helped me recently has been fantastic! Put them in a position to maximize their strength and all that must be done is to stand back and watch the awesome!


So many things to be grateful for today! Learning from the greats. Prepping for a focused planning day. Being prepared in advance rather than coming down to the wire. Ideas spawned from conversations with the creators of other ideas. The right book at the right time. Sleeping in my own bed. Everyone bring healthy at home. The timing of unsent texts being found. Being okay with being wrong. Small steps. A profoundly impactful email. Remembering to be 100% where I need to be. Validation. Ego checks.

All around are blessings after blessings after blessings. One must only remember to watch for them.


Running under the stars was serenely scenic this morning! Yes, the picture below is of the moonset. A little cool but so refreshing.


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