Thankful for Staying Calm, People who Brighten Lives, & Cold Showers

Day 2,261


Getting frustrated at a system issue is a waste of energy. Control what I can control and remember to choose to control my emotion rather than get bent out of shape. The more calm the more opportunities there will be for resolution.


There are so many wonderful people in the world who regularly do so much good and improve the lives of those they touch. They don’t ask for recognition or reward, they do it simply for the sake of making the world a brighter place. Remember them, be motivated by them, and do good for others. Brighten lives always, even during the most difficult of times.

Today I had the opportunity to learn about someone like this and their story moved me to tears. The world is a better place due to their kindness. I’m so grateful to have heard their story today.


This morning I started with my normal hot shower. Before I was done I twisted the knob to the coldest setting and soaked up the attic blast. The cold took the wind right out of me and got me moving quickly. A handful of deep breaths and I was able to get myself back under control. After a touch over a minute I got out.

That dose of extremely chilly water woke me right up and got me 110% focused in the moment. Cold and uncomfortable at one level and startlingly refreshing and peaceful on another.


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