Thankful for Asking Why, Over Achieving, & Gavin’s First Wrestling Matches

Day 2,257


One thing I’ve really learned over the last year is to trust my – as Patrick Lencioni would put it – working genius of Wonder. I often catch myself asking “Why…?” In the past I used to write it off and consider it a little bit of a crazy behavior, but now as I view it as something to lean into I’m amazed at the results.

Today that mindset led me to ask a question on LinkedIn and via text to some friends. How did you build your confidence as a young professional? The number of insightful and profound answers has been mind blowing! So many great stories shared already.

Remember to trust my guy and pay attention when my brain asks “why…?”


When you set high expectations for someone and they then go way above and beyond how can you not be grateful? Such a rewarding sensation of seeing someone grow by leaps and bounds and then grow again right in front of your eyes. My mind was blown today even though I had already mentally raised the bar tremendously high – what an awesome surprise!


Gavin’s first wrestling matches ever were tonight and talk about being hyper focused! I was so amped up before, during, and after – so exciting throughout! While there were many memories rushing back before and after his matches there was nothing in the universe besides this matches. Such a wonderful moment of concentrated focus!


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