Thankful for Allowing Space, Time Slips, & Two Songs

Day 2,258


Remember to allow space for others to live into their strengths. My way isn’t always the right way. Provide a clear vision and define the values to live into in the movement towards the vision. Step aside, allow space, and be available for support. If done well everyone’s life is more joyful.


Time seems to warp around time with friends differently than usual. It never feels like as much time has passed as really has while simultaneously seeming as if time goes by so much more quickly when we’re together than it seems it should. Here’s to those moments in which the distance is minimized and our time together flies by.


Two songs took me back when I listened to them today. Had a Lover by For Love Not Lisa came up in my shuffle feature and had me thinking back to lifting weights in the basement of my dorm at Michigan Tech. Reincarnation Song by Toad the Wet Sprocket always sends a chill down my spine as I sing along. Two songs, wildly different, yet both deeply enthralling.


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