Thankful for Putting in the Reps, Winona’s Christmas Party, & Becoming an Island

Day 2,259


Practice, practice, practice. I recently asked people on LinkedIn how they’ve built confidence and one of the most consistent answers was “putting in the reps.”

Gavin had a much better second set of wrestling matches today. After his second pin of the day his coach came up to him and proceeded to tell him that the reason for his success today was his hard work during his practices this week. Gavin put in the reps, his confidence went up, and his performance showed it. Neat to see it in action!


Our Christmas party for my Winona work family was AMAZING!!! So many laughs, stories, and so much good food. So thankful for the incredible team I’m blessed to work with each day!


Gavin’s wrestling meet today was pretty intense. So much noise and emotion from the stands through the mats. At one point while I was waiting for Gavin’s match I put in my AirPods with the noise cancellation feature on and played Social Distortion’s album White Light White Heat.

Such a surreal experience to have all the visuals of the intensity but with only the sounds of Mike Ness and his guitar. In that moment I paused, took in all the stimuli around me and smiled. In so many ways I’d created a small island of me in the sea of people all around.


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