Thankful for Embracing the Suck, Break It Up Into Parts, and Cold Brisk Air

Day 2,256


Even though it sounds cold and miserable outside I’ll never regret getting out for a run. Great reminder for me this morning to embrace the suck and get after it rather than staying comfortable. The run was awful chilly but even more rewarding.


Taking time to pause, reset, and plan out next steps is a wonderful thing. When I think about when I was lost in flow today it was during times when I had a very clear and defined goal that I was able to make progress on quickly. In order to achieve that state on more complex projects I need to pause and break it into smaller pieces. Each of those smaller pieces have capacity for flow – so long as I keep them in smaller chunks. Zoom out, set the plan, break it into parts, and then tackle each little bit step by step. Today was a phenomenal reminder of that lesson.


The weather was cold this morning but talk about bringing me very much into the moment! The briskness of the air really got my attention and had me 100% in the moment when I started running this morning. Good stuff!


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