Thankful for Atomic Habits, Teammate Growth, & Travel Pics

Day 2,255


Our successes are a result of our systems, not our goals. The processes we put in place to be who we want to be are so much more effective than setting goals we would like to reach.

I’ve just started re-reading Atomic Habits and am reminded of why it is one of my annual must reads!


Seeing the growth of teammates and their increasing successes is one of the most rewarding parts of my career path. Throughout the work day there were examples of this and each left me smiling. What’s most interesting is how much more growth happens when I let go rather than over manage. Slowly I’m learning to see my role in the right way.


When life hands you lemons… share vacation pictures and stories! In all seriousness, sometimes things don’t go as planned. The options are to freak out, to be stubborn and force action that was pre-planned but no longer the right option, or to find the bright side. I chose the bright side and possibly helped grow Iceland’s tourism industry 😉


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