Thankful for Stages, Hiking, & Unaware Presence

Day 2,210


Most everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The first time one truly realizes there’s an end coming there is a moment of awareness that may shake us almost to our core. There’s more to unpack to this concept than I have energy for tonight. Will definitely pick this thread back up before too long.

Appreciation :

Becky had a wonderful idea for today. After dropping a Gavin off at the soccer field we went for a hike. Nothing crazy, but just the snouts outside and woods time to fill me up.


Funny how sometimes it’s not until much later that I realize how in the zone I am. A few friends and I got together for some board games and I was unaware of just how into the night I was until I got in my car to leave and realized I’d missed a few text messages. Never heard my phone go off, I was too busy playing, laughing, and talking.


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