Thankful for Humbleness, Learning, & a Sermon

Day 2,211


One of the things I learned about Dad after he passed were all the different “Pete’s” there really were. I knew the “Dad” version very well, but many of the others were a mystery to me until after he passed. What struck me today was how his humility kept those other “Pete’s” on the sideline when we talked. He’d often focus so much on asking me questions and listening that we wouldn’t hear as much about all gage had going on. I’d do myself a favor to remember that example each day.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from past mistakes. Today I lived into a better version of me because I learned from a recent time when I did not live into my best version of me. It doesn’t fix the past, but it helps me live better forward.


My favorite part of church is the sermon. Today I was reminded of how captivating an excellent sermon can be. Father Sam had a superb balance of humor, humility, and wisdom that commanded my attention from start through finish.


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