Thankful for Balancing Time, Perfect Timing, & Puffy Snowflakes

Day 2,209


In order to grow there has to be time to learn, time to plan, and time to do. If I do nothing but train I don’t have time to put a strategy together and then take action. There’s a time to do each, I need to remember to not get too bogged down in any of the three while also remembering to take enough time in each. Interesting balancing act to be sure!


Today I’m grateful for wonderful timing. Last night I dropped off a book for a friend. As luck would have it they had time off today and read the entire book, cover to cover! The feedback they had for me warmed my soul. If that wasn’t enough perfect timing, guess who we ran into at the football game tonight? What a way to wrap up a day of perfect timing than with a post reading hug! Gotta love how life just works out sometimes.


The snow was absolutely beautiful today. Big poofy flakes, you know the type, the ones that almost looks like cotton balls falling. So calming and soothing to watch. Even better knowing that they were melting as soon as they touched the ground. 😉


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