Thankful for a Powerful Trio, “Sweatshirt Books,” & Soccer Moments

Day 2,206


Delegation, clear and effective communication, and purpose are powerful allies. When used appropriately the three combine to create positive results. When out of balance the results will not be as successful, especially over the long haul.


Favorite books are like comfy sweatshirts on a cool autumn afternoon. Throwing them on warms the soul and brings immediate calm. I just wrapped up one of my favorite “sweatshirt books” – Awareness by Anthony de Mello and it kept me warm all day long.


For better or worse – it is so easy to get lost in the moment during a soccer game. The urgency of the game, the breakneck pace, and the emotions of the crowd and teams. Nothing else is going on in my mind during many moments of the game.

What I find interesting is how simple it is to be lost in the allure of games like this. You get the benefit of presence without the joy of purpose and accomplishment Definitely something to remember.


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