Thankful for Being, Shared Passions, & the Tenacity of Trees

Day 2,205


I can easily get caught up in “doing” and not give myself enough time to be “being.” Taking time to just “be” and not have to accomplish anything or work on anything can be a wonderful sensation and lead to profound insights. I’m a do-er by nature and my natural state of rest is motion. It’s important for me to remember to stop doing sometimes and just be instead.


Today Becky and took the day off and knocked one off her bucket list, a boat tour to see Witch’s Gulch in the Upper Dells. We started the day with our normal run, got a few things done, and then headed to the Dells, stopping to hike along the way. The views were awesome all around.

What I enjoyed most was just spending with Becky doing something we both are passionate about doing – spending time being lost in a sense of awe at the wonders of the natural world. I’m grateful for our shared interests and the time we spend together.


So many moments of presence today! Many involved trees like this one:

An entire tree growing atop a flat piece of rock less than a foot and a half thick suspended over nothing but air. Wild!!!


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