Thankful for Labels, Pete, and Glittering Orange Golden Light

Day 2,204


Labels are insodious and dangerous things when used to describe certain things, especially people and our personalities. While re-re-re-reading Awareness by Anthony de Mello this concept kept hitting me harder and harder. So often I label others and myself. When I do it is so easy for me to put on blinders to all I should be seeing. I must remember to notice when I use labels and to take action to go outside of them.


After Dad passed away some of my teammates gave us a gift card for a tree to remember Dad. Becky named it “Pete“ – perfectly fitting. This time of year Pete changes to such a beautiful color. There is so much to learn from this tree and the cycles it goes through. I’m grateful for this wonderful gift which keeps giving.


I love audiobooks while driving, but today I had to pause it and get Gavin’s attention. Driving through a forest at just the right time caused a spectacular sight. The sunlight was reflecting off the orange, yellow, and red leaves on the trees and made the entire scene glitter with an orange glow. Nature’s beauty, such a stunner today!


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