Thankful for Old Homes, Hunting with Grandpa, & the Passing of Years as Seen Through Trees

Day 2,203

One of my favorite quotes was from a wonderful novel by Terry Pratchett – The Light Fantastic.

“You haven’t really been anywhere until you’ve been back home.”

Terry Pratchett

Travel is a passion, but there’s something special about traveling home.

My boys are so blessed to have their Grandpa Ken in their life. Today was another successful hunting experience for Gavin, another in an almost annual pilgrimage between the boys and their grandpa. Along with the hunting we’re other wonderful moments including seeing Gavin smiling while helping with firewood. Days like this will stay with them their entire life. What a gift!

When I was very young, well before kindergarten, my dad built a house. Next to the lot was a field in which my parents planted small pine seedlings.

When I was growing up in the house I called home there was an open field nearby. There were a handful of small trees and brush, but it was almost all open.

Today I drive past both. I had to slow the car to take in what I saw. My mind was hyper focused on the present as it struggled to grasp both the sight and the bigger picture of what the reality meant.

There were towering pines in the first field. There was a pine forest in the other. One an example of the growth upward, the other of growth outward. Both immediately grounding me in the present as I soaked the sights in.


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