Thankful for Gavin & Awareness, an Awesome Post, & the Power of Presence

Day 2,202


On our drive up north I had a pretty cool experience with Gavin. He’d hopped on his phone for a little bit so I turned on an audiobook. As I was listening to Awareness for the fourth time this year I caught Gavin chuckling at a line here and there. Occasionally he’d ask questions or make statements about what was being covered. At one point he even put his phone away and listened along with me. Learning while learning with Gavin was pretty fantastic!


My buddy Steve uploaded some videos from his ongoing through hike of the almost 500 mile Colorado Trail. One was this:

Courtesy of Adventures & Old Fashioneds


A few summers back “Uncle Steve” and I took my boys out to Colorado for some hiking and to climb a mountain. Along the way we stopped to take a short trail. At the beginning was a stand of aspen. Steve smiled and recited the entire The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

The moment was so completely unexpected that it commanded my full presence to take it in – just as it did for the boys. Thanks to that extreme focus those moments are forever burned into my mind and have become one of my three favorite memories with Steve throughout our friendship.

The ability of presence to engrave memories is truly awesome.


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