Thankful for Perspective, Strengths, & Sudden Sunshine

Day 2,207


Perspective makes all the difference in the world. Spending money for a drivers license for a child can be an expensive cost for them to have a license – or – it can be a small price to pay for freedom and the addition of many minutes back into one’s life. Perspective is ours to choose.


Much of my work today was focused on areas of strength. I got lost in the moment on more than a few occasions and the day flew by while also being very productive. Finding ways to focus on the right areas makes such a huge difference and I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so today!


The clouds were pretty thick this morning. I usually work in my office without a light turned on but this morning I relented due to the darkness. What really caught my attention today was the quick passing of minutes as the sky cleared more rapidly than seemed possible. In what seemed like only a minute or two the clouds lightened and then sky opened to blue. Seeing the sun shining down after such a rapid removal of the gloominess was quite the sight!


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