Day 2,016 – Thankful for Excellent Feedback and Ideas from Teammates, a Lesson from Dad, and Starting Something Bigger

With the presentation only a couple of days away it was incredibly helpful to give a practice presentation over lunch today to some of my teammates. Getting a full test run in felt great in of itself, the feedback and ideas I received from my teammates felt even better! Each teammate had a couple of great ideas and thoughts to add to the mix. Put all their ideas together into the presentation and I am confident it will be more of a success. So awesome to have teammates to help with feedback like that!

During a morning call I shared the lesson from Dad about working smarter rather than harder. Long story short, he demonstrated a lesson in thinking before acting with a crowbar which I’ll never forget. Pause, think, take action, learn, repeat. That memory has been bringing a smile to my face all day long.

The worst enemy of a big idea is myself, the one who thought it up. Before the idea even has a chance to mature I strike it down and throw it in the burn pile. Sometimes it just needs to start, to get legs, to take a little bit of action. Just enough to get it started. Once it starts it has the opportunity to grow into something much bigger. Often I’ve shut down an idea, this time I’m starting one bigger. And it’s making me smile.


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