Day 2,015 – Thankful for Enjoying the Calm Before the Spring Sports Storm

This weekend is the last weekend at home with quiet until we are into the month of June. The next two months are going to be a blur of action largely focused around Spring sports for the boys. Dominic has track, Gavin has track and soccer. Many weekday practices and meets, many weekend matches and meets. Throw in a vacation for Becky and I as well as a work trip for me and it’s nonstop for the next 8+ weeks.

I have very much enjoyed the calm today, though it didn’t involve a lot of chilling. Rather, I spent most of my day wrapping up little projects I wanted to get done. The grill is now clean. A quick modification to my new handcrafted bookshelf is complete. I helped Becky and Gavin pick up litter on one of our favorite roads for a little while. The cars are both washed and gassed up. My winter clothes are all packed away. My work clothes are washed. Supper was grilled up and delicious. I’ve got a couple more practice runs of my presentation under my belt. There are books we never read ready to be re-purposed tomorrow. Helped the economy by running to Menards. Some of the books I want in my new bookshelf have been relocated. All that and I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something or two. Nonstop action!

Today was the calm before the storm, in many ways the calm before the chaos. I am thankful for taking the time to “batten down the hatches” as I recently quoted from the Billy Pilgrim song, Hurricane Season. I can roll into the busy and crazy knowing that I’m ready. All has been done, everything has been prepped. Bring on the fun!


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