Day 2,014 – Thankful for the Soreness of Closing the Gap and Thoughts from Moments of Stillness

Our training run today was a rough one. For some unknown reason some runs just seem more brutal than others. Today was my first nine mile run since the last bad marathon a few years ago. I’ve run three times this distance in the past, but this one just hurt. No injury or anything, just all types of stiff, sore, and tired.

We hit yoga first thing in the morning and got a lot done while it rained and snowed. Once the skies quit precipitating we went out – definitely much later than our normal early morning runs. Maybe that had something to do with it. Who knows?

What I do know is that it feels great to work on closing the gap. All of the stiffness and soreness is my body building itself back up. Next week we’ll run 10 miles and I know we’ll be successful specifically because we built up mile by mile. Just like in life, the discomfort means I’m growing.

One other thought – the power of stillness strikes again. In the last couple of moments of yoga my mind was completely still. A few very interesting thoughts found purchase and grew when I quieted all the other stuff in my brain. Most likely blog posts for another day, but a couple of quick thoughts include the importance of being as present as possible in the moment of my death as I’ll only have one opportunity to experience it and doing right for the right reasons trumps doing right for wrong reasons even if the end result is the same. Interesting ponderables I’ll think on more in the future.


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