Day 2,013 – Thankful for Remembering to Review the Gap

The rivers flows so quickly, carving its way through the path of least resistance. It’s course will continue that way until an obstacle causes such a disruption that it splits and changes direction, finding a new path. Remove the obstacle too soon and the waters flow back to their original course. Wait long enough to eliminate the dam and the newer course remains flowing.

In many ways my life follows the same course. I make plans and changes, shifting the course towards the direction I desire. When I remove the habits used to create the changes too quickly I slip back into old habit. I must do a better job of keeping the new habit controls in place longer to help sustain the desired path.

In one powerful moment today I was reminded to pause and review the gap between who I am and who I am called to be. The gap was wider in places than hoped, and closed better than expected in others. When looking at the difference between the two there was a on undeniable truth. The one in which I’ve continue to focus on has closed a bit, the other grew while ignored. Now I’ve got a decision to make…. Have the habits of the successful been in place long enough to sustain the path so I can double my efforts in another direction or should I continue a bit longer before taking on a new endeavor?

Regardless of the choice, I’m grateful for remembering to review the gap. In seeing the gap for what it is I can intentionally live into the right direction. Without it I drift.


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