Day 2,012 – Thankful for Acts of Kindness in the Midst of the Storm and Their Inspiration

Often the details behind the post are either unimportant or of a nature which need not be shared. In some ways those details would almost get in the way of the focus of my gratitude. Today is an example of this.

Let’s just say it was a rough day. In the middle of the frustration there was an act of kindness which caused me to pause, made my eyes a little cloudy, and brought a ton of joy. From seemingly out of nowhere was a simple act of compassion put into words.

“How are you doing? Are you okay?”

With those simple words there was a ray of sunshine to bring light to a dark moment. So simple, so powerful, and so appreciated.

After work I received a text from another teammate.

“Everything okay today? You seemed a little down.”

Again, simple words creating a moment of light, a moment of joy.

How simple it is to ask about how someone is doing. To pause from our own busyness and chaos to stop and truly listen to a friend and a teammate, to make sure they are okay. Letting them know that you are there for them when they’re up and when they’re down. Showing compassion and being 100% present for them. So simple, so easy, and makes such a difference.

Today I’m thankful for both their individual actions and the inspiration their actions were for me today. They both helped me remember how I can better live into the person I should be.


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