Day 2,011 – Thankful for Trusting the Process, Hurricane Season, Sharing the Load, & Games with Dominic

The nice thing about having been here before is knowing I’ve been here before. Big presentation? Trust the process. Brainstorm. Write. Read. Revise. Speak. Revise. Practice, practice, practice. I’m thankful for trusting the process. One week away and I’m ready.

For much of my life I’ve enjoyed doing my own thing. Something not going well? Act like Boxer the Horse and work harder. Frustrated? Work harder. This does not work over long periods of time or in pursuit of a noble cause. There’s a time for solo work, but there’s also a time to share the load. Both my old self and current self struggle with remembering that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. My current self and my future self know that asking for help is both a sign of wisdom and the path to true success. Friggin’ ego… must always remember to tell it to zip it in order to accomplish the best of things. Having others around me to help share the load and remind of how much they appreciate the opportunity to help is truly priceless.

As it typed that something seemed to click. Funny how others help me see how I need to grow, my ego was thinking I could figure it out. Trust in others!

Hurricane Season by Billy Pilgrim. Perfect song for the drive home. “Batten down the hatches boys, it’s hurricane season.” So spot on for so many reasons today.

Wrapping up the night on the couch with Dominic playing Connect Four & Battleship was PERFECT!!! I so enjoy the times when he’s in a talkative and playful mood, I’ll soak up as much as possible before he leaves for college in just under a year and a half. Where has the time gone?


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