Day 2,017 – Thankful for Preparation and Purpose

Tomorrow is the big day, the 2022 HR Conference presentation! I’m borderline giddy with anticipation as I’m about to attempt to sleep.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve rehearsed this presentation over 20 times. I’ve practiced it in order, out of order, and with some of the possible surprises practiced. Practice, practice, & more practice, tomorrow is the time to perform. my bag is packed with everything from my laptop to my spare laptop to my flash drive to my clicker to the spare battery for the clicker to the video adapter. I know the venue, the microphone set up, & the timing of the event. All that can be reasonably prepared for has been. I will still slip, trip, stumble, & be surprised, but nothing I cannot learn from or work through.

I know I’ll sleep well tonight. The heavy lifting is done, tomorrow is the fun, the dessert.

An excellent friend had a great bit of advice today… “Enjoy it.” What a perfect reminder to come back to tonight. As much as I’ve been stressing there is no reason to. I enjoy this, I can brighten lives through this, this is a core of my purpose. I will totally enjoy and savor the moment while working through it as well as I possibly can.


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