Day 1,962 – Thankful for Friends Who Tell Us When We’re Wrong Even When It’s Difficult for Numerous Reasons

Without going into a ton of details today let’s just say that I got all types of frustrated with something I was working on. I get working on chilling out and calming down, but it just kept bubbling up for various reasons. After a while I thought I had it all figured out and was going to keep my blood pressure down.

I started talking with a teammate and the emotion boiled back up and let it all out. I was frustrated and did not live into the stoic mindset I’ve worked on.

Once I was out of gas my teammate calmly looked at me and proceeded to walk me off the ledge. They very politely helped me see both the solution to the challenge and how my frustration was not benefiting me in the least. There was no sense of anger, disappointment, or anything like that, only understanding and a desire to truly help me through the situation. They listened intently while I spoke, they showed me they cared, they walked me down the right path, and they didn’t pass judgement on my poor reaction.

I will continue to work on my composure when my emotions and frustrations get the best of me. I’d done so well over the past month and change, this was frustrating and humbling – but a wonderful learning opportunity. I learned how important it is to stay calm and collected, especially when the pressure is on. I was also reminded of how important it is to be surrounded by friends who care for me and are willing to have the very difficult conversations I need to hear… especially when I find out afterwards the additional struggles they may have in their lives.

A friend who sets their personal struggle aside to help you through your struggle first – what an incredible gift that is.


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