Day 1,963 – Thankful for Chipping Away On a Sizable Task List

I am a huge fan of the sensation that comes when crossing off the last of the items on a To Do list. That profound level of satisfaction was not to be found today and will most likely not come tomorrow either. The past couple of weeks have been rather stacked and it’s going to take some extra time to slug my way back to breaking even. No worries, I’ve got it under control and it will all be done in time.

While I may not have scratched them all off I made some serious progress today. Rather than feel overwhelmed by what’s ahead I’ve realized I need to savor the knowledge that I’ve chipped away at the list today. By knocking out what I did today I’ve made room to take on two of the bigger projects tomorrow. Get those finished and then I have time to work on another couple. All in time, one step at a time. Slowly but surely I’ll catch up and get back ahead.

One side note, it has been an awesome experience in another way as well. In order to get everything done I’ve got to stay focused on what’s truly essential. Everything else is getting pushed away. It’s also been an excellent opportunity to remember the power of getting other people involved and allowing them the space they need to be successful. Both are very valuable lessons for me to continue to learn and re-learn.

Back to chipping away tomorrow morning!


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