Day 1,929 – Thankful for Wrapping Up a Busy Week with Family Couch Time and Snuggling with My Dog

It is so often easy to tell how busy a week has been by the reactions of our entire family on Friday night. We all had gotten back into the swing of real life and had a lot of stuff going on in between school and work. Couple that with the recent holidays and it was evident we were all exhausted.

After supper we all loaded up on the couches in our living room and fired up an episode (or several) of Ted Lasso. As we watched and laughed together I had LuLu up on my lap much of the time. It was pretty peaceful chilling out and relaxing while snuggling with LuLu.

Nights like this don’t happen often in our house, but sometimes they feel necessary for all of us to take a deep breath and chillax. It is so easy get caught up in my desire to get much done, to move from project to project, to start and complete new things, and to be productive. My soul is restless by nature and left to my own devices I’d be busy constantly. Chilling on the couch with my family is a great way to remind myself to relax and breathe. It’s tough to do anything but relax with a dog on your lap snuggled into you.


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