Day 1,928 – Thankful for an Afternoon Bike Ride While Working from Home

With the COVID cases going up almost as fast as the mercury in the thermometer is dropping I made the difficult yet easy decision to have one of my offices go remote for the next handful of days. Unfortunately it was the office closest to me and the one I had been planning on working out of today and tomorrow. Such is life, good thing we’ve had practiced switching gears back to remote work as needed.

One of the upsides to working at home has always been the ability to start work a bit earlier and on my terms. When the spirit moves me and I want to get rolling before 6:00 I can do that when I have a commute timed in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Today I was able to shower up and dive right in. So nice to be able to start working with work rather than a drive.

When I decided to pause after lunch and get a workout in I was able to do the workout I wanted, a bike ride. I only had to walk a dozen feet or so into the living room, hop on, and pedal until my heart was content. The decision to shower was one I was able to make rather than a must do (though, truth be told, I was way too sweaty to not shower, even when working from home the rest of the day).

Sure, it wasn’t the same as in the office as I would have liked to be, but I was able to make the most of it… while continuing to find the upside. Not everyone has the ability to work from home, it is a privilege that I will not take for granted. The ability to hop on my bike part way through the day, get my sweat on, hop in my own shower, and then get right back to work is pretty awesome and a very sweet benefit.


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