Day 1,930 – Thankful for an Opportunity to Experience Life Outside of My Normal

This evening I had an opportunity to step out of life as I am used to. The experience provided a glimpse into a life I’ve never lived and challenges I have yet to have to face.

Wow, I’m really struggling for words tonight, my brain is still attempting to wrap itself around the experience.

What I experienced this evening has hit so many different emotions. Sadness. Empathy. Appreciation. Growth. Compassion. Joy. Love. Faith. I am struck by how completely different we can be as people while simultaneously seeing how totally similar we all are. Our experiences can be so varied, but we are all still the same.

When gifted with so much, how do I rectify how much I have and how seemingly little I’ve given? There is such a gap. My heart is hopeful as I look across the the gap between who I am and who I am called to be. This evening the gap seems even wider than this morning, but I’m more hopeful I can help close it. Much to do, to grow, to improve… and the ability and tools to do so all around me.


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