Day 1,925 – Thankful for Creating the Space for Ideas to Form

My early morning bike ride two to three times each week is my opportunity to indulge in watching TV alone. Left to my own devices I’d binge watch an entire series. Stacking my TV watching onto exercise helps me stay focused on my goals.

This morning there was a line which really hit me. “Remember to ask the RIGHT question.” For whatever reason my mind stayed fixated on those words much longer than it had any right to.

Later in the day that phrase prompted an epiphany. When a specific situation arose the phrase rocketed out like an over powdered cannonball! Much like the splinter of glass lodged in my fingertip the idea erupted out of my mind. The sense of relieved pressure was palpable.

Within seconds my mind was awash in wave after wave of inspiration as the depth of my idea reached a depth akin to the Mariana Trench. The idea itself with wait for a different day to be shared, there must be work done to extract the diamond from the coal.

What I am most grateful for today is the fact that I have myself the space and silence my brain needed to put these two seemingly unrelated thoughts together. Had my mind been more full of useless stuff I could have easily missed this opportunity.


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