Day 1,924 – Thankful for a Subtle Behavior Change Leading to a Full Heart

Huh, funny how a seemingly small change can have a tremendous impact. One of the changes for me in 2022 is a focus on less technology. Rather than pulling out my phone for random moments of quiet and boredom I’ve replaced them with books and notes for myself. I had no idea just how much time I was slowly and quietly wasting online.

Late in the afternoon I picked up a library book Becky had finished earlier in the day. As I type this I’ve finished the book and enjoyed every page of it! It was a heart warming story reminding me of the power of faith in the face of extreme diversity. I would highly recommend and am sure to have it in mind often.

Had I not changed my behavior a bit I would have most likely skipped reading it. I would have had the intentions of reading it but would most likely have been caught up in some time wasting habit instead. Completely unintentional, but the results would still have been the same. My heart wouldn’t be as full as it is before I go to bed tonight.

One subtle change, one very full heart and a smile on my face before bed.


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