Day 1,923 – Thankful for an Excellent Start to 2022

So far so good for 2022! I had much of my plan in place to start the year and I only slipped in one little spot while staying the course for multiple others. Yes, I know that the new year really is only a date on a calendar, one of 365, but there is a power to be harnessed as a life hack. This year I’m using it as a starting line for a race for the year.

In concept I look at the relatively minor behavior changes as opportunities to improve and live better. Once again I’m chuckling to myself at the level of awareness that occurs when I change a behavior pattern. I was often pausing while my brain struggled to keep up with the operating system update I installed causing me to stop and almost glitch as I realized just how engrained certain behaviors (reactions?) had become. How funny that one little thing can slowly develop into a habit without even realizing it.

All that said, it was an excellent start to the year. I got my exercise in. I made better choices with my time. I avoided unnecessary “noise.” Best part, I spent time with family, time at home working with my hands, and enjoyed a mind boggling movie – Tenet (which really should have come with a warning about how fatigued your brain would become as you try to keep up).

2021 was a wonderful year, based on the start I’m thinking 2022 could be even more grand.


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