Day 1,922 – Thankful for Finishing Up 2021 with a Bang!

Holy crap, what has happened today? I’ve been going ever since the alarm went off at 6:43am. Hit the road for a run with Becky. Got home and hopped on my bike trainer for over an hour. Showered up and went to work to move into my new office. Wrapped up my book and sent out my final(ish) revision to my coach and editor. Got home and went for a walk with Becky and the dogs. Eat supper. Now we’re off for some family board games to close out the night while also talking about our upcoming trip to Iceland in June.

Rather than slowly slide into the new year I guess I opted for crashing right through the end of this one! What a great feeling to knock out so much and to get this much out of the day already (and who knows how long we’ll be gaming for tonight).

2021 has been a nonstop thrill ride of action and excitement, it only seems fitting to end it in the breakneck pace it sustained throughout most of the year!


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