Day 1,921 – Thankful for Starting to Wrap Up 2021

Wild to think that 2021 only has a day left. The year has flown by at such a seemingly rapid pace my mind is still struggling to truly understand how it could have followed 2020, they seem so unrelated in some ways and yet 2021 was born completely of 2020.

Much of the day was spent wrapping up goals and tasks better done in 2021. Tomorrow will see the end of a year long goal, so pumped to put the checkmark next to it! Throughout the day my thoughts kept drifting back to random events throughout the past year while also thinking ahead to 2022.

I paused for a bit and went into my photos from this year. My mind is blown with all that we’ve done and all that’s happened in the past 12 months! How did we live that much life in the last year? Crazy!

Tomorrow I’ll see if I can talk the family into going through all of our pictures from 2021 together. There’s a bit of magic in going through the pictures from the past year. Each one gives the gift of memory, a moment frozen in time to go back to.

So much more of 2021 to unpack before it is gone, more planning for 2022 before it begins. I’m glad I started wrapping up 2021 today, there’s a lot more to it than I initially remembered!


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