Day 1,920 – Thankful for Winter Camping with My Boys

For the second straight year we spend a night in the woods to wrap up the year. While it wasn’t quite as close to the last day of the year as it was last year there’s no question that we’ve started a bit of a tradition. Fingers crossed for keeping it up again in 365 days or so.

The nonstop snow, crazy wind, and freezing temperatures only made the camping all the more memorable. We had so many laughs all day and night long. There were a couple of times in the middle of the night when all three of us happened to wake up at about the same time and jump right back into conversation and laughs. Quite honestly, I don’t remember ever having so much fun packing up gear on a frigid morning. The entire time was a blast!

Figured we’d take a moment to enjoy the view from Wildcat Mountain State Park on our way home today.

Spending time with my boys in the woods like this is amongst my very favorite activities in the entire world. This camping trip was another memorable experience I am very grateful for. We’ll keep laughing at the memories for years and years to come, especially moments like when we attempted to make popcorn over the fire (spoiler alert, it didn’t go so well). I am thankful they share the passion for the outdoors and can find the beauty and meaning in being out in nature.


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