Day 1,926 – Thankful for Becky’s Insight On Our Morning Run

Our morning run conversation this morning was much deeper than normal. Usually Becky and I are shooting the bull, talking about our upcoming days, and so on. When I’m up and out the door a little before 5am my brain doesn’t always keep up with my feet (not that they are moving that fast either!).

This morning was quite different. A little after a mile in we started talking about the question that had been ringing through my head since yesterday afternoon. We spent time on the question itself, ideas working around it, and ways to put it into my next writing project. Somehow we got onto the topic and stayed there for the majority of our run.

I am very grateful for the insights Becky shared this morning. The ideas she brought to the table really rounded out the concept and have helped me to start fleshing it out. I’ve already got a pile of notes as my brain had it working in the background throughout the day – many of them bear her fingerprints.

Talking about a topic this deep early in the morning on our run was oddly refreshing and helped embed the idea into my brain more completely. Having Becky’s insight added in was a huge bonus.


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